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Our Approach
Our Approach

At Wavefront Software, our approach to laboratory information management focuses not only on the software, but also on the business process that enables our software to be easily molded into your solution. Wavefront Software is designed from the ground up to be truly flexible, not just configurable.

  • Built on state of the art technology
  • Built-in “best practice” functionality essential to every laboratory
  • Easily configurable to your environment - enable only those features and modules relevant to your laboratory
  • Quickly conforms to your terminology so you don’t have to conform to ours
  • “Point and click” to modify data entry screens to collect information that is critical to your business
  • Code-level customizations can be made to meet your lab's unique requirements without breaking your upgrade path

Wavefront Software strongly believes that great software does not necessarily equate to a great solution. Our process for understanding your business, your goals and your training needs is a critical component of the value we deliver.

  • We perform an in-depth requirements analysis before and after the sale to ensure that our software brings a higher level of efficiency to your laboratory.
  • We employ a collaborative team approach that unites the best personnel from both organizations to facilitate a successful implementation.
  • People and organizations are different, so we do not have a one-size-fits-all training program. To help your organization gain the most benefit from our software, we craft a personalized knowledge transfer process to provide a deep understanding of our product to your people.


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