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Aerospace materials suppliers and NADCAP certified companies have a great deal of complexity in their laboratory operations which generally stems from the application of customer and in-house specifications as well as from the challenges of customer-specific business requirements. Wavefront LIMS is designed to handle the complexity of the NADCAP environment and provides specific tools that enable a superior level of management and automation to the laboratory.

  • Robust capabilities for managing complex manufacturing specifications
  • Single management tool for internal (standard) and customer specifications
  • Modular specification design minimizes specification maintenance
  • Results compared to specification limits from initial data entry through Certificate of Analysis generation
  • Specification engine allows you to build complex rules for fine tuning the Certificate of Analysis

Wavefront LIMS is currently deployed in many well known NADCAP certified companies who leverage its core strengths to effectively meet the ongoing challenges of their laboratory operations.



Parker Hannifin, Stratoflex Division

PCC Airfoils

RTI Advanced Forming

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