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Efficiency. Accuracy. Quality. Safety. The manufacturing lab is the gatekeeper of all four when it comes to the products that people use on a daily basis. Wavefront Software has a core strength in understanding process industries and manufacturers. We deliver a solution that streamlines workflow from raw materials testing to product certification while providing the analytical tools that help manufacturers meet the ever-increasing demands to lower costs and increase productivity. Wavefront LIMS solutions have been deployed in a variety of manufacturing environments, including advanced materials suppliers, because of the following benefits:

  • Robust capabilities for managing complex manufacturing specifications
  • Single management tool for internal (standard) and customer specifications
  • Modular specification design minimizes specification maintenance
  • Results are compared to specification limits from initial data entry through Certificate of Analysis generation
  • Specification engine allows for building complex rules to fine tune the Certificate of Analysis

At both the organizational level and product level, Wavefront LIMS is highly suited to the advanced materials manufacturing environment.



Parker Hannifin, Chomerics Division

Parker Hannifin, Composite Sealing Systems

Herman Miller

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