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Wavefront LIMS Express Edition Released as Entry-level Solution

Wavefront Software has recently released the Wavefront LIMS Express Edition – a laboratory information management system (LIMS) that allows any laboratory to put a basic sample-tracking system in place quickly, easily, and affordably.

The preconfigured LIMS solution provides labs with an information management system that can be deployed rapidly and requires only minor configuration at setup, giving labs a much lower cost of entry than a full-featured LIMS does.

The Express Edition is offered on an annual subscription basis that includes hosting, maintenance, updates, and features releases. This model helps labs focus on their core business mission without getting derailed by many of the burdens associated with maintaining IT infrastructure.

The Express Edition is built with many useful features like order and sample management, user-defined fields, customer/contact management, a lab dashboard, basic barcoding capabilities, sample retention and disposal tracking, security roles, audit trail reports, and powerful search functions. These features provide the foundation for greater workflow efficiencies in the laboratory. This edition also integrates to the Wavefront Customer Portal, another product offered by Wavefront Software, which facilitates communication between a lab and its customers. The portal allows labs to provide reports and invoices to their customers and receive requests directly from them as well.

Wavefront LIMS Express Edition maintains a full upgrade pathway to Wavefront’s Small Lab and Enterprise Editions. These editions allow labs to add test management, test result entry, automatically-generated reports, specification management, instrument interfacing, and much more at a later time if desired. That makes the Wavefront LIMS Express Edition a good investment for the long haul.

Contact us to request more information and schedule a demo of the Wavefront LIMS Express Edition today!


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