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Small to mid-sized laboratories increasingly have the need for affordable instrument interfacing solutions. Many of these laboratories are using custom built LIMS products or older LIMS products that do not support interfacing natively. Wavefront Software offers the instrument interfacing solution to laboratories without Wavefront LIMS so they can gain efficiency and quality improvements without having to replace their existing LIMS solution.

Solution at a Glance

A Proven Process

  • Built on a proven software platform for instrument interfacing
  • Solution encompasses both software and proven "best practices" for instrument interfacing

  Leverage Established Software Library

  • Drivers for common instrumentation are pre-built.
  • Many "plumbing" tasks required for instrument interfacing are already built- directory monitoring, communication port data transfer, network data transfer, etc.

  Knowledgeable Implementation Team

  • Our staff has years of experience that includes bench chemist experience and countless instrument interfacing projects.

  3rd Party Hardware / Software

  • Some interfacing tasks are best accomplished using a mixture of software and hardware tools. By leveraging Wavefront's experience, you can implement an instrument interfacing solution more effectively.

  State of the Art Technology

  • Wavefront solutions are developed using the latest technology while still allowing for backwards compatability, thus providing the longest solution lifetime possible.

  Custom Business Rules

  • If needed, Wavefront can build custom business rules into your import driver, allowing instrument data to be manipulated prior to import into your database.

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