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Wavefront LIMS: Key Features

Sample Log In

A common bottleneck in many laboratories is the area that receives and logs samples into the lab. Wavefront has invested in creating and refining many features that streamline this process. The most important feature is the ability to predefine an order or sample template. These templates can be used to quickly and accurately log work into the LIMS. A template can be used to predefine every attribute about an order, the samples and tests to be run – everything except the results. Common examples of templates include:

  • In a manufacturing QA/QC setting, a template would be used to pre-define the samples, spec limits and testing for each product. When a lot is received into the laboratory, the sample can be logged in by selecting the template for that product.
  • In a commercial lab setting, the lab may predefine some repetitive work that is regularly sent by a customer.
  • Any laboratory that does testing in some regular “suite” or group of tests.

Templates can be used in whole or in part and, once the actual order or samples are created, they can be modified (e.g. tests can be added or removed). As such, the template does not have to be an exact match to be useful in speeding up the login process.

Wavefront LIMS has a variety of additional tools to expedite login:

  • Copying Samples: If the scenario arises where a group of similar samples arrive, the login personnel can log the first sample and then replicate it as many times as needed.
  • Efficient Test Assignment: Add tests to one sample, all samples or a subset of samples in that order.
  • Copy Previous Work: Samples or orders already in the system can be copied to create new samples or orders.
  • Auto Login: Automation can be implemented to log samples in automatically. For instance, in a manufacturing setting, we can interface LIMS to the ERP/MRP system and log the samples in programmatically.
  • Electronic Test Request: The Wavefront Customer Portal can allow test requestors to submit work online and information can be transferred to the LIMS automatically.

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