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Wavefront LIMS: Overview

From small, independent, research labs to global manufacturing operations, Wavefront Software LIMS solutions combine best-of-breed Microsoft® .NET and SQL Server technologies with a tremendous level of flexibility and scalability. We emphasize flexibility, not just configurability, because there is an important difference. Configurability is a term that could ultimately mean you have to wait months and pay top dollar to an outside vendor for post-installation customizations. With Wavefront Software LIMS solutions, you have true flexibility and instant adaptability because you can implement many of your own customizations, saving your organization substantial time and money.

Wavefront LIMS is a browser-based system offered in three editions to meet your laboratory's needs:

  • Wavefront LIMS Express Edition
    An entry-level, cloud-based system that can be quickly implemented and allows for basic sample tracking and laboratory workflow management
  • Wavefront LIMS Small Lab Edition
    A solution that creates the ideal combination of superior technology and price for the small laboratory that needs a LIMS with industry-standard functionality and features
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