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Wavefront Customer Portal

Laboratories are increasingly being asked by their customers to deliver reports online. The Wavefront Customer Portal provides your customers with their own, secure, easy-to-use web portal where they can download reports, review work statuses, obtain invoices and more.


Online and On-Demand Delivery

  • Customers can login 24/7.
  • Status updates are visible to customers as soon as you make them available.
  • You choose the information you want to make available and when you want it to be available.

Integrated with Your Website and Brand

  • Link to the portal directly from your website.
  • Your portal will be branded with your name, your logo, your information.

Email Notifications

  • You can set up email notices to let your customers know when certain events occur, such as when samples are received, reports are available, etc.

Search Functionality

  • Customers can search months' worth of their history to find the information they need.

Test Request Functionality

  • Customers may submit test requests directly to your lab via the portal.
  • LIMS administrators control the fields and information required in the request screen.
  • Requests are mapped to LIMS work orders to streamline the information as it comes into the laboratory.

Customer Self-Service

  • Portal users can retrieve and reset their own passwords.
  • Portal users can opt out of email notifications.


  • Your customers only have access to their own information and only when you are ready for them to have access to it.

Hosted Option

  • The Wavefront Customer Portal can be hosted in Wavefront's data center.
  • Implementation can be done quickly, without requiring the purchase of additional hardware.

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